I struggled to find PEM resources for my CT3 year, despite the variety of excellent resources out there. I hope this website will help point you in the right direction. I'm not a PEM expert, but am following the guidance CEM have issued (in the form of a syllabus) to put together this page. This page is not endorsed by CEM, and any mistakes are mine.

Please comment with corrections, additions and further suggestions.

All the information here is collected from the internet, and it might be out of date or inaccurate, so please use your judgement and adhere to your hospital's protocols. If you do notice any errors or omissions please comment so we can put them right!

To navigate, decide whether you want to start with a PMP or a PAP. You can then select which PMP or PAP you want to look at. You will then be taken to the summary page for that PMP, with links expanded topic collections. If you know what topic you want to look at already, click on the link on the right hand side.

Paediatric Acute Presentations

There are 18 paediatric acute presentations that we need to know about. Not everything we need to know about is covered in the PAPs - but it's important that we know the PAPs.

PAP 1- Abdominal Pain
PAP 2- Accidental poisoning, poisoning and self-harm
PAP 4- Blood disorders (sickle cell, purpura and bruising, leukaemia/lymphoma)
PAP 5- Breathing difficulties (asthma, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, pertussis, cardiac causes)
PAP 6- Concerning presentations (physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect)
PAP 7- Dehydration secondary to diarrhoea and vomiting + pyloric stenosis
PAP 8- ENT (traumatic ear conditions, earache, ear discharge, noses)
PAP 9- Fever (UTI, meningitis/encephalitis, no focus)
PAP 10- Floppy child
PAP 11- GI bleeding (intussusception)
PAP 12- Headache (meningitis/ encephalitis, headaches in children)
PAP 13- Neonatal presentations (NLS, neonatal sepsis, CHD, jaundice)
PAP 14- Ophthalmology (orbital cellulitis)
PAP 15- Pain in Children (including sedation)
PAP 16- Painful limbs - atraumatic (limping child, septic arthritis, back pain)
PAP 17- Painful limbs - traumatic (including hand, radius, scaphoid, shoulder, supracondylar, pulled elbow, femur, toddler's fracture, compartment syndrome, patellar dislocation)
PAP 18- Rashes (eczema + seborrheic dermatitis, bites and infestations)
PAP 19- Sore throat (Epiglottitis, quinsy, FBs in throat, post-tonsillectomy bleeding)

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