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Friday, 8 May 2015

Penile Problems

Penile problems in children

Correct before 2 years of age. Do NOT circumcise as may need reconstructive surgery

- At 1 year old 50% boys have non-retractile foreskin, by 4yrs 10% and by 16yrs only 1%
- Non-retractile foreskin = balooning on micturition
- Topical corticosteroids can help.
- Encourage patients to maintain good hygiene and gently stretch the foreskin.

Emergency if causes acute urinary retention

Foreskin gets stuck in the retracted position.
Look for a hair tourniquet.
May be secondary to masturbation
Needs analgesia to reduce

Balanitis = cellulitis of the glans
Posthesis = cellulitis of the foreskin

Can be irritant, bacterial or fungal.

Needs warm baths
Rule out diabetes
Clotrimazole or antibiotic ointment
Normally get oral amox or trimeth too


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